CPL. Longman. R.

  • RankCorporal
  • No5729651
  • Date of Death29/09/1944
  • Age24
  • Regiment/ServiceDuke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment) 7th Bn.
  • Grave ReferenceIII.B.1.
Corporal Reginald Longman
Corporal Reginald Longman

Prior to joining the army in March 1940 Reginald Longman worked as a Driver’s Mate and lived with his family at 50 Arcola Street, Hackney. When he enlisted he was sent to the Army Training Centre in Dorset and was then transferred to the South Staffordshire 5th Battalion in July 1941. He remained in the UK and in 1942 he married Rosina Beaumont in Stoke Newington.
In June 1944 Reginald participated in the Normandy Campaign as his regiment moved into North West Europe to liberate France and Belgium. In July 1944 he suffered a knee injury in battle, but despite this injury he decided to stay with his regiment, he wrote home to his brother Albert: “no football any more for your little brother, I will keep a stiff leg because of this injury”. The South Staffordshire 5th battalion suffered many casualties, so it was dismantled and the survivors joined other units.
On 3rd September 1944 Reginald was transferred to the Duke of Wellingtons 7th Battalion who were part of the British 49th Army Division. The 49th were advancing through Belgium and were met with heavy resistance from the Germans at a town called Merksplas with heavy casualties on both sides, it was here that Reginald was badly injured. He was taken to hospital, but died from his wounds. His superior Major Jameson said “He was a very good soldier and one of the bravest men that served under him”. He is buried in the Military Cemetery in Lier, Belgium where his family have visited his grave several times. Reginald’s older brother Bertie was also in the Army, he was taken prisoner in 1940 and spent much of the war period as a prisoner of war, he returned home when the war had ended.


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