Ruth Anchell

  • Rank: Civilian/Schoolgirl
  • Age: 9 in 1939

Ruth Anchell was 9 years old when war broke out in September 1939. Unlike many schoolchildren she stayed at home to help her Mother bring up her younger sister Patricia. She lived at no. 27 Hindle House with her mother Florence and father Harry. Ruth went into the air raid shelter below the flats when the sirens sounded an air attack, it was a traumatic time for a young child and it affected her in later life. Ruth’s older sister Marjorie was in the WREN’s (Womens Royal Navy Service) and her older brother Harry jnr was in the Navy. Younger Brother Joseph was evacuated to Wales.

Harry Anchell Hindle House

Ruth peers through a window at Hindle House with Mother Florence and Father Harry standing outside.

Other information:

In 1939 the family was living at no. 100 Hindle House with the following people registered…

Harry Anchell – Senior Clerk British Legion

Florence Anchell – unpaid domestic duties

+ 3 others undisclosed (possibly Ruth, Joseph and Patricia)



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  2. 1939 Census