Lily Kinchlea

Rank: Civilian / Schoolgirl

Age: 12 in 1939


Lily Kinchlea circa 1945

 Lily Kinchlea lived at no.24 Hindle House, Arcola Street Hackney with her Mother Susan, her brother Joseph and older Sister Annie. Her Grandparents also lived in Hindle House at no.43. They were among the first inhabitants of Hindle House having moved from Bridge Street, Homerton where Lily grew up. She attended Hackney Free & Parochial School and was 12 years old when Britain declared war on Nazi Germany in 1939.

On the night of 18th September 1940 when the bomb hit Hindle House she was in the Air Raid Shelter below the flats, she clearly remembers the bombing and also another bomb hitting the flats showering water into the shelter. Lily remembers the shelter being divided into cubicles and the one she used was also used by a lady who made paper flowers for a living. To keep the children distracted during an air raid she used to get them to help her make the flowers, they were given the job of making the stems.

Lily’s Brother Joey joined the Parachute Regiment and was sadly killed in Italy in April 1944.


  2. Photograph supplied by Carol Ford
  3. Lily Linchlea memories