The Project

The Hindle House Memorial Project is a 3 part history project commemorating the residents of the Hindle House Estate Hackney London and the surrounding area who lost their lives during the 1939-45 world war.

Part 1 was the restoration of the existing civic war memorial located inside the Hindle House Community Centre. This was completed on September 18th 2015 when the newly restored plaque was unveiled at a rededication ceremony attended by families, the local community and historians.

Frame to the memory of those who fell in the 1939-1945 world war.

Part 2 was a new blitz memorial plaque for the residents who were killed when Hindle House was bombed on 18th September 1940. Seven residents were killed when a high explosive bomb dropped from an enemy aircraft hit the flats causing devastation and an entire block to collapse. The new plaque was erected on the north east corner of the estate and was unveiled on the 75th anniversary of the bombing.

The new blitz memorial plaque mounted above Edith Appleby's flat.

Part 3 is making available the history research relating to the 24 people listed on the memorial plaque and other wartime residents of Hindle House via this website.

The project started in 2013 and is supported by Timeline, The War Memorials Trust and Southern Housing Group. The project managers are Brian and Natalie Longman who have their Great Uncle Reginald Longman on the war memorial plaque.

Our continuing aim is to share information about the project as a learning tool and to further our research and make contact with other family members of the people remembered on the plaques.